School Transfers in Indiana Public School Corporations 2022-2023

School Transfers in Indiana Public School Corporations 2022-2023

Policy Report #23-BOctober 2023


Moaaz Hamid, Dr. Christopher Lubienski, Dr. Michele Moore
Center for Evaluation and Education Policy, Indiana University

Key Takeaways
  • Transfers and choice options have led to significant enrollment shifts for school corporations.
  • 47% of the net transfers out were from public school corporations to other public school corporations.
  • 53% of the net transfers out were to nonpublic schools due to the choice scholarship program. These transfers result in irregular trends among schools gaining enrollment from school choice programs, where a small set of corporations gain or lose relatively higher proportions of enrollment than others.
  • Within school choice programs, public/parent choice comprises the largest proportion of transfers out.
  • Systemic and sustained inquiry with advanced statistical techniques can reveal valuable insights about the patterns and effects of school transfers in Indiana.

Figure 1.
Enrollment gains by schools from public/parent choice.
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Over the last three decades, policymakers around the globe have emphasized parents’ choice of schools. Such policies are complex and highly contested and have led to mixed outcomes. Nevertheless, the number of school choice programs is increasing. The state of Indiana has one of the largest school choice programs in the country, with seven types of school choice programs.

Table 1.
Top 25 school corporations with outflows to another public school corporation.
South Bend Community School Corp 4805 
Anderson Community School Corp 3162 
Fort Wayne Community Schools 2540 
Muncie Community Schools 2370 
Elkhart Community Schools 1958 
MSD Warren Township 1902 
Kokomo School Corporation 1892 
Greater Clark County Schools 1727 
School City of Hammond 1513 
MSD Lawrence Township 1509 
Marion Community Schools 1361 
School City of East Chicago 1218 
Evansville Vanderburgh School Corp 1185 
MSD Pike Township 1065 
Perry Township Schools 1064 
Richmond Community Schools 1027 
New Albany-Floyd Co Con Sch 979 
Monroe County Community Sch Corp 910 
North Lawrence Com Schools 884 
MSD Washington Township 880 
MSD Wayne Township 864 
Michigan City Area Schools 849 
LaPorte Community School Corp 839 


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