State Education Policy Transparency Index

An interactive tool, the Transparency Index allows you to examine several states' K-12 education policies in relation to four transparency categories: Budgets, Expenditures, Audits, and Academics.

Each category is a combination of indicators listed in the spreadsheets below. Indicators are scored as "yes" (a state has/does the described product/action) or "no" (a state does not have/does not do the described product/action). In the spreadsheets, "no" scores are zeroes, and "yes" scores are numbers. Most indicators are worth 1.0 point, but some are worth less (.25); some indicators are worth more (2.0) based on their practical or policy significance. The chart below shows all of the "yes" indicators by category in the colored blocks and all of the "no" indicators (combined categories) in the gray blocks.

To view indicators by category or by "no" ratings for a specific state, click on the colored or gray block for that state, and the spreadsheets below will filter for that state. Hover over an indicator in the spreadsheet for more information, including the indicator's full name, description, and a reference to the rating's source. To return to the full spreadsheet, click on the selected block again to deselect it.

If you believe a rating to be incorrect, please email the authors at, or complete this anonymous form. Our goal is to have the most accurate and current ratings possible. In the coming months, we will expand this index to incorporate traditional public schools, charter schools, and education savings accounts.​

 Do you have a question, comment, or feedback about the Funding Transparency Index? If you noticed an incorrect rating, please include either a reference for the correction or your contact information, so we can follow up and make an accurate correction. Please email or complete this anonymous form. 
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