John Hitchcock

Director & Associate Professor, Instructional Systems Technology




Dr. John Hitchcock’s particular area of interest is evaluating interventions for children with special learning needs, as well as refining methods for performing such evaluations. He is the director of the Center for Evaluation & Education Policy (CEEP) and associate professor of instructional systems technology within Indiana University’s School of Education. As CEEP’s director, Dr. Hitchcock supervises ~$10 million in annual external funding, 30-40 evaluation projects, and 30 researchers, student assistants, and support staff.

With extensive experience leading large federally funded projects, he has expertise in research design and associated analyses, program evaluation, and technical assistance. Dr. Hitchcock has served as the principal investigator (PI) of a What Works Clearinghouse (WWC) review and has helped developed related project standards for assessing the causal-validity of Single-Case Designs. Currently, he supports the WWC by training coders, providing quality assurance of reviews and advising the project’s special education review team. He also served as the research director for the Institute of Education Sciences (IES) Regional Education Lab Appalachia. As Co-PI of an IES-funded efficacy randomized controlled trial (RCT), Dr. Hitchcock is helping to examine the impacts of an intervention designed to make math curricula easier for all elementary school children, including children with special learning needs, easier to understand.

Dr. Hitchcock was previously a Co-PI of three RCTs: one investigated the impacts of a reading intervention while working in schools with large numbers of English Language Learners; another investigated the impact of a widely-used mathematics curriculum that utilized software packages to enhance differentiated instruction (note: both study reports are available on-line and were found to meet WWC evidence standards without reservations); and, thirdly, a small-scale RCT designed to assess the impacts of a mental health intervention in Sri Lankan schools. A co-author of more than 35 scholarly publications (peer-reviewed journal articles, national reports, a book, and textbook chapters), Dr. Hitchcock has also presented research at conferences more than 100 times. He is a former associate editor of School Psychology Review and remains on that journal’s editorial board.